Microblading Supplies Wholesale

We offer wholesale options for microblading academies and training schools. In this fast growing beauty industry we are committed to providing the highest quality SPMU supplies from ink pots and pigments to microblades and machine cartridges. We have many years of experience with semi permanent beauty products and practical application, and can guarantee the highest standards of service. We are a major supplier of microblading, beauty and stayve products. Our team happy to put together training packs, tailored for your microblading business and students, just choose which pmu products you would like included.

Discounts are available for wholesale microblading orders on most items including those below:

  • Microblades
  • Microblading pigment
  • Barrier film
  • Permanent sealer & colour lock
  • Correctors
  • Pigment Rings
  • Ink Cups
  • Calipers
  • Brow Rulers
  • Microbrushes
  • Microblading pens
  • Hygiene equipment
  • Practice skin – 3D and stencilled

We have every tool available for your microblading needs to cover all beauty styles such as nano blading, micro feathering & ombre. Full and certified professional training is required to use our products on clients.

Microblading provides the major benefit of low maintenance no-fuss, natural looking brows, with a few touch ups a year. This is the perfect time to grow your business in the microblading industry.

Demand for microblading technicians grows as aesthetic artists in the UK continue to use this technique to provide stunning brows for their clients. Our wholesale microblading service will help you expand your business, and is the perfect option for pmu / microblading trainers and their students.

We are a UK based microblading supply business shipping worldwide.